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Betting Exchange: WBX Review

Written By Tyler Durden on Monday, July 29, 2013 | 8:37 PM

Betting exchanges are a fairly recent development in the online betting world and have completely changed the way people gamble online. Betting exchanges have introduced a new method to gamble online cutting out the traditional bookmaker by creating a platform for individuals to bet against each other. Launched in 2006, WBX is the trading name of the World Bet Exchange Limited, which is part of the WBX Group of Companies. WBX is a global bet exchange, operating from the UK, one of the most progressive gaming jurisdictions in the world.

wbx bet exchange

WBX, or World Bet Exchange, is a person-to-person bet exchange, where punters can trade bets with each other on the world’s major sporting, political and entertainment events. Unlike traditional bookmakers, WBX’s Members bet with each other, becoming either a backer or layer of teams or entrants taking part in major competitions across the globe. WBX acts as a broker, taking a small commission from the winner of each bet that is placed. The prices you find on WBX have all been set exclusively by our Members using money they have already deposited with us to place their bets. This means that WBX has no financial exposure whatsoever on the bets placed on our website. Our role is solely to act as a facilitator between our Members, and to ensure that the money bet between them is successfully transferred to the winner in each individual transaction. The settlement of all bets is guaranteed by WBX. In WBX you can bet in major sports events like american football, athletics, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, golf, greyhound racing, horse racing, hurling, ice hockey, motor racing, rugby, snooker, soccer, tennis, winter sports.

Few Advantages of the WBX Betting Exchange:
  • Winners are welcome at WBX (No betting limits like bookmakers)
  • Arbitrage friendly!!
  • Lower commission than Betfair!!
  • Loyalty Refund – part of the commission that is paid to WBX can be returned to the customer based on his loyalty rate (Up to 60% Loyalty Discount, meaning commission on winning bets can be as low as 1.2%)
  • Dynamic Odds– odds are changing more quickly than at regular bookmaker sites
  • Good odds (10% higher on average comparing to traditional bookmakers)
  • Live betting
  • Friendly interface
  • Best Execution – at WBX, if the odds improve while a member is placing a bet, they will automatically be given the best available odds
  • membership at IBAS (the organisation , which carries over the data protecting and respecting the rights of the users at online betting)
  • WBX is the most technologically advanced betting platform ever brought to exchange betting.
    With millions of pounds spent in development, WBX 's website is now the most reliable, secure and progressive betting platform not just in person-to-person betting, but in the whole of the gaming industry. WBX’s bet exchange was written and developed as an independent custom-made technological solution – that means the technology behind our betting platform is unique to WBX. This protected data is held at COLT, a secure unit where many major national and international banks also safeguard their servers (www.colt.net). Internet security testing experts NTA have been contracted to thoroughly test the security and robustness of the WBX betting platform (www.nta-monitor.com). To ensure constant protection, world-renowned IT specialists Ultima Business Solutions are contracted by WBX to continually monitor and manage our betting technology (www.ultimabusiness.com).

Few Disadvantages of the WBX Betting Exchange:

  • Charged deposits
  • Lower liquidity than at Betfair (But enough for a medium volume punter)
  • Accepts only £ (UK sterling). But as they told us they will soon accept euros

Why WBX Betting Exchange?  

Because it is reliable, has lower commission than Betfair and unlike traditional bookmakers welcomes players who win! If you win large amount of money all Bookies will suspend your account! In WBX they will reward you with refunds!

WBX Bonus

WBX have a great offer on at the moment. They will give you a total of £25 in Free Bets for all new customers! The more you bet, the more free bets you will accumulate:
  • Claim a £10 free bet when £100 is won or lost.
  • Claim a further £5 free bet for every additional £500 won or lost.

WBX Deposits and Withdrawals

All of the major credit cards are accepted, among other payment options like e-wallets, see below for your options.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Maestro & Solo.
  • Moneybookers, Neteller, and Bank Transfer.
For ease and security we recommend Moneybookers. 
Open a WBX account today!!


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